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The Grampian Microlight & Flying Club was founded in 1985. At present the club consists of flexwing, 3-axis microlight, light aircraft pilots and non-pilots. The club is for anyone interested in light sport aviation.
There is no flying instruction at the club, however the club does have close links to the flying schools and clubs in Aberdeen & Perth with four flying instructors/flight examiners as members.

There are also numerous experienced pilots happy to offer advice to anyone thinking of taking up the sport.

Club meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month starting at 7.30PM, in the clubhouse at Insch Airfield.  

If interested in joining the club, please feel free to attend one of our meetings. Alternatively use 'Click to become a new member'

The subscription fee is £35 for individual membership or £55 for family membership per annum.

The club holds informal BBQs and flyouts to other airfields thoughout the year. Hospitality is given to all pilots and visitors.

Airfield Owner        
Ken Wood  
07714 531777
Chairperson            Kate Irvine
Vice Chairperson    Chris Cooper
Secretary                 Dave Barwick
Treasurer                 Alan Watt

Flying Schools
deen:               Alex Air

Inverness:                Highland Aviation 
Lossiemouth:          Moray Flying Club
Perth:                       Alba Airsports
                                 ACS Flight Training

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